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injury to ear

A neighbour's cat damaged the edge of it's ear some while ago. Every time it get's a scab, the cat scratches it and it bleeds again. It is now about half an ear with no sign of the wound healing. What could a vet do to help? This is an outdoor cat that has probably never been to a vet.


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Martina Stuart

The poor cat sounds in a sorry state and thank you for your concern. The aim of veterinary treatment in this case is to clean up the wound and prevent further injury which may be occuring by accident or when the cat scratches it. Bathing with a saline solution made from 1 tablespoonful of salt in a pint of boiled water using clean cotton wool swabs should help. Some sort of guard in the form of an Elizabethan collar which most vets have and for which a rubber plant pot with the bottom cut out fastened to a collar can be substituted. In either case this will make the cat vulnerable to attack from other cats and likely to get fastened in something. The cat would need keeping in whilst this was on. The underlying cause here may be ear mites so some treatment preferavbly stronghold spot on may be used. Antibiotics locally and parentrally by long actiog injection or palatable tablets may help. If the ear is white or cream then it should be checked for tumour involveent in which case amputation of the rest of the ear could be the only treatment with any hope of success. This all sounds fairly traumatic for a semi wild cat and it may be that persuading the owner to sign the cat over to the RSPCA or similar is the best option for the cat and all concerned. Please keep me informed of the progress in this case, Cheers for now. cancer tumourtn


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