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swollen nose and mouth

i have a tom cat that is 1yr old, who i noticed yesterday was sleeping rather alot more than usual. then today i noticed he not eating or drinking, which was unusual for him as he loves his food. only now when i have really closely inspected him have i realised that the reason for this is because his nose and mouth area look quite swollen. any advice would be grateful as am a first time cat owner.


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Martina Stuart

The swelling could have many causes from an infected wound through localised trauma and an allergic reaction. If it has not started to reduce by 8 am this morning you should contact your vet. Do not attempt to feed the cat before taking him to the vet as if x-rays are neccessary to eliminate damage to the upper jaw this will require an anaesthetic. Food in the stomach will substntially increase the risks associated with a general anaesthetic and may thereby delay accurate diagnosis and treatment. If the swelling is going down and the cat behaving more like his normal self then continue to observe him closely and if he is not eating normally by monday he should be taken to see a vet.


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