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safe disinfectants?

Is there a disinfectant safe to use when you have cats in the household?
I have been using savlon, because i had heard that one is ok. Can you tell me if that is true please?


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Martina Stuart

All disinfectants are potentially dangerous to all animals if improperly used. They can be irritant if they dry on the skin are ingested or inhaled. Cats are particularly sensitive to phenol based disinfectants. These are the ones that go cloudy when water is added such as FAM and Jeyes fluid. They are however effective in the presence of organic matter and are therefore very effective and are probably best kept for outside use well away from cats.Virkon is sold in convenient sacchets and is relatively safe. As with all disinfectants some people's skins will react to it so appropriate gloves should be worn and accidental contamination rinsed off immediately. Remember some disinfectants will permanently affect soft clothing. Disinfectants are intended to remove infective agents such as viruses bacteria and fungi from the environement and as such are not designed to come into contact with the animal or the human using them. When used in a well ventilated space and rinsed well after use they are safe to use provided the instructions for use are followed and the health and safety guidelines adhered to. TriGene products are available in different fragrances and are safe in human and animal environments provided the instructions for use are followed.


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