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Age:18years 11 months
Breed:ordinary moggie
Fed On:james wellbeloved purina gourmet fresh roast chicken breast
Kept:indoors with access to garden

kidney failure and now something else

my elderly ginger cat developed kidney failure 2 weeks ago. He lost a lot of weight over a weekend and was very unwell.,though still eating a bit. The vet gave me Semintra oral solution to be given once a day. He is alert though sleeping a lot. He is drinking and littering normally but has to be encouraged to eat. Yesterday I noticed his eyes looked strange, the pupils were tiny pinpricks and then one pupil got bigger while the other stayed small. I returned to the vet who said he thought this was unrelated to the kidneys and indicated a brain problem. The vet said he was not in pain, lets see how he goes over the next few days. I would like to know if you think I am doing the right thing medicating him, given his age or am I being selfish keeping him going. All of my cats have lived until their 20s but I dont want him to suffer. Is it possible for him to live a reasonable life or is he just going to get worse?I would value other peoples opinions please. thank you


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Martina Stuart

I suggest that you get a blood test for blood urea as a mist and general profile if your vet thinks it worth doing.
God luck


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