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Tony turner

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Tumour in ear

Took my cat to vet as he has a ear infection and he keeps falling over can’t jump he eating and wagging his tail and wants loving so took to vets vet said he has a tumour in ear and won’t operate on him gave me some steroid for him he looks a bit better but still falls over vet said keep him at home for a week and say good bye to him is this the end for him he such a lovely cat will he get worse don’t no what to do help


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Martina Stuart

It may be that further investigations can be done. These of course will cost and those costs could be substantial.
Any inflammation from disease injury or tumour etc of the inner ear can interfere with balance.
If lucky is healthy in every other respect ( and initial blood samples to check for any other fundamental underlying disease would be sensible) then it would be sensible to discuss costs and practicalities with the the vet involved or another maybe more senior or specialist vet within the same practice. At this stage then it my be worth asking for a referral for a specialist second opinion.
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