Dogs » Our beloved Doberman died yesterday (vomiting)


Our beloved Doberman died yesterday (vomiting)

He was 7 years old healthy until the end of December. It started with the vomiting started clear kept supplying him lot's of water which he drank a lot. He would wake us 3-5 times a night to go outside. His appetite slowly stop to nothing unless wife spoon fed him. He was large but lost 3 pounds. I noticed his skin hung low from under his neck and his eyes were so sad and droopy during sickness. He had visited the vet three times during this illness. Everytime the vet said that the blood test proved negative, no fever no diarea. He was given a varity of medications which had not effect. He was always a gental lazy slow dog. WHAT HAPPENDED TO OUR FRIEND?


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His vomit turn from clear to yellow indicating maybe acid in hsi stomach, very bad.


Martina Stuart

Marcel, I am very sad to hear about your poor dog and send you my sicere sympathy. It is always upsetting to loose such a friend especialy in the prime of life and despite all your and all your vet's efforts to save him. It is also upsetting for the vets and their team and I found in practice that it helped all concerned to discuss the loss and what may be done to avoid recurrances an perhaps alter the outcome of similar cases. I have no doubt that everything that could be done under the circumstances will have been done.
There are so many possible causes of his disease and death that it is impossible for me to even suggest how or why it happened.
It is always frustrating worrying and stressful when all tests are negative and the patient is not responding to treatment and who knows something may come to light during the discussion that could lead to a happier outcome for some other case. I know what it is like to loose a loved pet and also to loose patients under such circumstances. It does remind me that we are all human and vulnerable.
I send you my heartfelt wishes that time will heal the wounds and you will come to look back wth fondness at the good times you spent together. Stuart




Thank you very much for your reply.


ellie ellie

hi i am so sorry to hear about your dog


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