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lump on back

hi there my lab has a longish lump on the left side of her backbone on her haunch it isn't hurting her much but she doesn't like it to be touched. She has had if for a week. She is not overweight and is very fit. Someone suggested an anal gland would it be on her back though?
Any advice?
thanks janie


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Martina Stuart

The anal glands are situated either side or anus and if swollen show as palpable bulges to either side and just below the mid line of the anal sphincter. If you imagine the sphincter as a clock face they will be at 20 to and 20 past the hour.
I assume that this lump is above the tail rather than below and as you do not say anything about a limp or hind limb stiffness I assume it is causing no other signs of pain unless you feel it. If it is then I suggest a veterinary examination asap. Assuming no other signs of pain then I suggest you look very carefully for any signs of a wound or skin damage. If you find any then bathe with a warm saline solution. If no sign of a wound observe carefully and if it is not bothering her seek veteinary advise if it continues to grow.


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