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vommiting puppy

Hi. I have a 5 month old puppy, and she has been vomiting small amounts since monday. She is off her food but drinking plenty of water, and her stools are still as normal. Although she is behaving exactly the same as usual, running about like a mad thing, am not sure if she needs a trip to the vet or not?


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Martina Stuart

It is good that she is drinking continue giving her small amounts of water frequently. Adding a glucose(NOT SUGAR) and electrolyte mix will help her but as she does not have the runs is probably not essential. She probably knows what is good for her and that is why she is not eating. Do not try to feed her until tomorrow morning and then only a little of her normal diet. If she is still not interested then that is the time to ssek veterinary help. Check when you last wormed her and if it is more than 1 month ago repeat her roundworm dose. I personally prefer panacur puppy paste as it is safe effective and easy to administer. Please let us know how she goes on.


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