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small black dots under skin

my 6yr old lhasa apso has numerous dots on her lower back just under the skin. They start as small as a pin dot and grow to 1mm or more in dia. They appear to have started on her tail and moved up her back. It does not appear to annoy her and she is not scratching. She doesn't appear to have fleas and is a house dog and is not in contact with other dogs .i have notice a lot more over the past few days.


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Martina Stuart

These sound like the dog equivalent of moles or freckles and should be watched in much the same way. Put them on your list to ask your vet about at the next consultation for vaccination or whatever. If any of them enlarge or become sore then attention should be sort earlier. Could it be that these dots have been there for a long time but are becoming more obvious as the hair gets thinner. If this is likely to be the case then it may be worth supplementing the diet with short chain fatty acids especially gamma linoleic acid. There are several formulations available to add to the food.


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