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snorting coughing

our 15 yrd old patterdale (happily now NOT dying of liver cancer, just has some vague raised liver blood test results, but no one knows why) had a very odd "turn" this week. He seemed to be unable to get his breath, and was snorting which sounded like a very phlemgy cough, from his throat while tensing his upper body. 4 of these snorts in a row, and he was fine, but looked startled. This happened several times in one day, and a few more the next day. We noticed him gulping to swallow a few times also Snoring at night a lot louder and snuffiler too. No snorts today, but vets (why do dogs always do that!!) who could find nothing untoward. Pharynx paralyasis had been mentioned by phone, but thankfully ruled out. Any ideas please? It was very distressing for him and us.


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Martina Stuart

Sounds like a problem with his soft palate. I have never come across a Patterdale with a Pharyngeal or laryngeal paralysis though I have not realy come across that many Paterdales. They are like a lot of terriers prone to going wild on a lead and it may be associated with physical cdamage to his trachea from this. I do suggest thqt it is worth getting him examined and perhaps endoscoped.
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Could be what they call "reverse sneezing" a benign occurrence that happens in small breed dogs. My Yorkie did this for the first time Friday and it scared me to death. Weekend of course! Ive been searching the Internet to see different symptoms but have not ruled out allergy or grass stuck in throat. He was eating grass right before first episode. Since then he has had several episodes. Look it up and see if the symptoms match your dogs. Good luck.


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