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Breed:Lab/collie cross
Vaccination History:All required vaccinations are up to date
Fed On:Royal canin.
Kept:In our home. Only outside when he wants. Lives and sleeps in the home.

My dog has a sore pad on his front paw

Hi there, I'm new here and I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice please? My gorgeous dog Harvey has been licking his paw all day. I have managed to look closely at it this evening and on the rough part of the pad of his front paw there seems to be a few areas where the usual roughness is missing. His pads are black in colour so I can't tell if it is red if that makes sense? He is a very active boy and was running after a ball like crazy in the field yesterday. Today he seems a little quiet and sad looking. When I went to examine his paw he growled at me, something he never ever does. He is the most docile dog. This convinces me it is painful. I'm wondering whether to put a sock on it for a few days to see if that helps or whether he needs to see the vet. Thank you in advance.


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Martina Stuart

likely to be a thorn or splinter or similar. Prepare a solution of 1 y tablespoonful of salt in a pint of boiled water and when comfortable to put your thumb in it put some in a plastic beaker and dunk his foot in it as often as you like and he will tolerate. Get him to a vet before you feed him in the morning if it is still painful



Than you very much for your help!


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