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Breed:Labrador / Beagle cross
Vaccination History:Fully vaccinated
Fed On:Arden Grange light calorie chicken and rice
Kept:In my home

Alabama Rot

I am concerned that there has been an outbreak of Alabama Rotting Disease within a 50 mile radius of my home. I do not suspect my dogs have caught it , but I am very worried incase they do. Is it safe to take them out into public areas and if so must they be bathed everytime they go out ? I'm afraid to even let them in my garden. Are there any preventative measures I can take ?


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This is a very worrying and very unwelcome new disease and it has a lot of us worried.

I walk in woodland and I believe it is there that it is worse.

I think the only preventative is to wash down whenever you get home :(


Martina Stuart

This is a seriously worrying one.
As far as I am aware no specific cause has yet been found or even postulated. It seems that the common link is recent walks in muddy woodlands! That is probably not surprising as cared for dogs are often walked in woodlands and I have yet to come across one that ain't muddy at this time of year!
The initial skin lesions tend to be in area likely to be scratched nosing aound in undergrowth. . So keep on a lead!
One theory is that there is an as yet unidentified agent in the mud So wash the mud off as soon as possible. A house plant pump up spray a washer bottle with dilute Hibiscrub (chlorhexidine)or pevidine (povidone iodine) would be my favourite for this task.
Ticks or mites Have been suggested as vectors. .... So use a topical application prior to walking in woodland. The next action is what topical application. Most spot on insecticide have little tick repellant activity. I suspect a paraffin soaked rag may be affective as anything! I suspect that that may cause a few raised eyebrows so come folks time to post your favourite insect repellants!
Of the currently marketed spot ons advatix is probably going to be the most effective against ticks, but even that works only for a limited time after application.

I hope that someone comes up with a cause and more targeted prevention proceedures soon



Thank you for your reply. I've filled up a spray bottle with diluted hibiscrub as you suggested and I think I'll stick to pavement walks for a while. I appreciate your advice


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