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Weight:4.5 LBS
Vaccination History:Full Vac up to Jan 2016
Fed On:Natures recipe small breed formula
Kept:In doors. sleeps in our bed.

Dog Nail Ripped Off

My little buddy came in from outside today and I noticed he was walking bad. I investigated his back food and found that one of his nails appear to be torn and hanging out to the side. There was blood at first but he has licked it off. It does not appear to be bleeding but does seem to be bothering him. Do I need to go to the vet or do I need to let it fall off on its own? Is there anything I can do to stop infection?


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I'm not a vet but this is one thing I always go to the vets with as it is very easy to get a nailbed infection and when that happens it also easily gets into the toe bones causing osteomyelitis (infection in the bone) and is probably one of the highest reasons for toe amputations.

So best dunk in salt water several times a day but personally I tend to always get a course of AB's for this tbh.

sounds a little drastic but certainly can happen as I've said.


Martina Stuart

Frequent salt water (tablsspoonful salt to pint boiled water)mildly warm. If not falksn off by morning then no breakfast and rng vet


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