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Breed:Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & a Bichon Frise)
Vaccination History:Boosters annually every October & fully up to date.
Fed On:A mixture of dry dog food (Wagg) & either tinned dog food (usually Pedigree Chum or Butchers Tripe), or trays of Aldi own brand (Caesar equivalent).
Kept:Lives in the house & gets plenty of exercise.

Discoloured fur at top of one front leg at socket joint with main body.

My dog came back from groomers with a cut at the top of his front leg, at its join with main torso. The cut had drawn blood & had been caused by razor. We washed the wound & applied a topological antiseptic cream. The dog licked wound initially but stopped when it healed.

Moving forward about 6-8 weeks, the skin is now fully healed but the stained fur that, initially, was relatively minimal, seems to be spreading, and it almost looks as if the discolouration is coming from inside his body. We had thought wound had caused staining, but, as I say, this healed relatively quickly, whereas stain/ discolouration just seems to get worse? Add to this, he has developed a limp which comes and goes. He has had the limp for about 18 months; I was wondering if the wound is just a red herring? Does anybody have any thoughts or have they experienced this before? Many Thanks


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Martina Stuart

A few questions?
What was the cream you used? could it possibly have affected the hair follicles?
Is it that leg he is lame on?
Does he naturally lie on that leg by choice?
Is it possible that his ear rests on the discoloured area?
Can you post a picture of the area and also of him curled up in his bed on a photo sharing website and post a link on here?



Hi, thank you for responding. To answer your questions; initially we used Savlon, then changed to a tea tree based antiseptic cream especially made for pets. He did used to lick, but not avidly. Both creams are white as opposed to having any real colourings/ scent. I don't think the follicles will have been damaged or blocked. The saliva may be a reason for discoloured fur, but, if so, why has it got worse even though he no longer licks this area?

He seems to limp on both legs, but more so the one that has the discoloured fur. In terms of lying down - these actions all seem normal. He varies his positions - stretched, curled up, on his side, on his back. On the whole, all seems normal. The limping becomes evident more so after he exerts himself, he loves to play ball but this can bring it on so we have eased off in case injury is muscular. He gets plenty of exercise - daily, not just at weekends. He also has a good & varied diet.

He does have problems with his ears, common to all spaniel breeds. Ironically his left ear is regularly blocked with a wax build up for which he has drops to control. The discoloured fur is on the left leg below this left 'problem' ear, but, watching him sleep, the ear doesn't really get anywhere near the top of his leg as he cannot contort his neck at such at tight radius.

We don't really use social media - hopefully my writing will have given you a greater understanding of the situation? Many Thanks


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