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Age:we think he was born January 2013
Breed:Jack Russel Terrier crossed with (we think) a Fox Terrier
Vaccination History:Completely restarted his vaccination course end of march 2014
Fed On:Forthglade Wet mixed with Wainwright's Grain Free dry

Charlie has a red ring shaped rash?

I was checking my boy today and noticed a red ring shaped rash. I did wonder whether it was from when he and daisy had a tiff over a ball but I'm worried it may be ring worm. He's not a friendly dog so I dont really let him mix with other animals or people. He had his face stretched by a cat the other day which is the only other animal health has been really close too and the cat looks fine. He has no dandruff, he's eating fine and apart from this ring there are no other apparent symptoms. The last time I check him (Wednesday) it wasn't there. We have another dog and checked her over and there is nothing on her.


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I've put a picture on Flickr.


Martina Stuart

I have tried to look at your photograph of Charlie's rash and there is no content on flicka on the link. Please reenter.
Cats can carry ringworm almost without showing any symptoms. However the lesion you describe whilst describing a typical human ringworm does not make me instantly think ' sounds like ringworm!'
However mark its boundaries with an indelible pen, repost a photograph and watch for any similar itchy lesions on associated animals including humans!


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