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Vaccination History:all up to date
Fed On:burgess sensitive,
Kept:he is kept indoors and he sleeps where he wants to he does have his own bed.

anal glands need to be done every few months?

My Rottweiler Hamlet who is about 6 years old now, we rescued him four years ago but he has always had problems with his anal glands, he needs them doing every few months, we know it needs doing because he constantly licks his tail end and his anal region, his tail is thick and he looks distressed, so we take him to the vets and have them done, is there anything else that might help him or is this what we have to do ?.


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First of all diet. Anal glands should work naturally by squeezing out a little when they poop. If the poop is not firm enough then this won't happen. So try some fibre in the food and especially if you are feeding a kibble.

However there are just a few dogs that have the problem whereby nothing will work. I raw feed my dogs (all Rottweilers) and have done for 25 yrs or so, and in doing so their poos are always solid because of the bone content and and lack of waste in a raw diet.

With all that I now have one bitch who needs hers manually expressed on a regular basis like your Hamlet and I do feel that once they start getting done like they lose their natural ability to empty.

You could get a groomer or vet nurse to do them rather than a vet however I prefer the vet doing it as they are the only people allowed to empty from the inside. (ie...finger up the bottom) groomers are not allowed to do that.

Big hugs to your Hamlet from an ardent Rottie fan who deals with hundreds / thousands of them.


Martina Stuart

Thanks Chico as always experience is more valuable than opinion.
All I have to add is that surgical removal is possible relatively easy and in the majotrity of cases is beneficial to all concerned.
Complications are rare but very occasionally some level of bowel incontinence can occur resulting in the occasional random dropping of faeces usually in little drops or blobs.
Do not be afraid to discus the options with your vet.


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