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Age:1.5 yrs
Weight:85 lbs
Vaccination History:All of his required shots
Fed On:Blue Buffalo Dry
Kept:Inside out side spoiled

Lethargic, lack of apatite, coughs when moves, clearly respitory

So about six days ago after a full day of exercise I noticed he had what I thought was something caught in his throat like a small stick or something because it seemed like he was trying to hack something up. A couple more full days of exercise later he was still doing it and he did not want to gobble his food down right away in the morning. (not like him) Now its been six days and he only eats a little at a time when he wants and is super lethargic. He coughs anytime he gets a little active and he is clearly sick. His vet cant see him for another 5 days because of the holiday weekend and I would like to avoid the min 700.00 it will cost taking him to the hospital if I could. I have read about Kennel cough but have no idea where he could have gotten that because all of the other dogs he plays with are just fine. Getting worried because it's getting worse. I can hear that he is not breathing correctly. Any thoughts?


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Kennel cough is airborne and he only needs to walk through the air that another dog has and he would get it, however, my gut instinct says this is not kennel cough and is something worse tbh. I bring in fosters sometimes straight from pound and kennels and I've seen enough kennel cough over the years and they are very rarely affected to the degree that they don't eat or are lethargic.

I would be far more concerned with lungworm (Uk) heartworm elsewhere or, something actually in his throat and the culprit is often splinters of wood if he tends to carry wood or chew wood. This could be causing an abscess in the throat to be careful.

I would insist on him being seen by ANY vet that you can get an appointment with tomorrow (which is normal hours and so is Saturday) This need far quicker attention than waiting until Tuesday, and as said, I don't think it is kennel cough but I am not a vet.


Martina Stuart

Totally agree thanks Chico! Get him taken to the vet tomorrow! Tempting to say just turn up but should it turn out to be a virulent kennel cough he will infect all the dogs in the waiting room so keep him outside the vets in till the logistics are sorted!
Good luck! Please keep us informed x


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