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This question is related to: hamlet the rottweiler

Vaccination History:all up to date
Fed On:burgess sensitive,
Kept:he is kept indoors and he sleeps where he wants to he does have his own bed.

best flea treatment

could you please tell me which is the best and safe treatment for fleas, I have been using frontline and not had any problems in the past but someone told me about bravecto I have just read about it and it has put me off,saying dogs are dying from kidney problems ect, should I stay with frontline or is there a kinder one. thank you


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Martina Stuart

Instant reaction is stick with what is working. The old saying if it ain't broken don't fix it is a good one. I will look up bravecto and add any change in my advice having done so



Sorry to add but I've also heard some awful things about the bravecto as well.
If doing anything (and I don't often) you could look into Advocate as that is also the lungworm preventative and that is something we now have to watch here in the UK.

Where did you get your Hamlet from montyloo... I am with Rottweiler Rescue Trust so very very involved in Rotts and rescues.



Thnaks for all your advice I will look into advocate. I got hamlet from the RSPCA in blackpool, my son worked there at the time and Hamlet came in to the rescue center and we took Cassie our german shepherd she got on great with him so we took him home that was four years ago, sadly we have lost our german shepherd Cassie, we are all very sad but hamlet misses her a lot.


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