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David Speir

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Deep and rapid breathing

I have posted a very short video clip of my dog breathing rapidly in through his nose and out through his mouth. He has always done this from time to time but never seems distressed by it but today he has been doing a little more than usual. It normally lasts about 20 seconds at a time. Some times it only happens once per month or so but today he's done it about 10 times or maybe more. Again, he doesn't seem distressed by it in any way, as you can see from the video. He is otherwise fine and eating/drinking as normal. Has anyone seen this before?


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I'm not a vet so obviously hoping Stuart can help, but in the meantime look up the symptoms of laryngeal paralysis as I wouldn't rule that out listening to him.



Any update on this... I fear Stuart has missed this question.


Martina Stuart

Good morning and thank you Chicco. Yes I had missed this question, too much to do and way too little time to do it.
My initial thought on watching th video as that thi is associated with dreaming. Does it always happen when he is asleep and if you wake him does it continue or stop immediately?
I then went on to consider if it may be happening as a sequel to a shot period of sleep apnoea. Have you ever observed any suggestion that before the heavy breathing episode there is a period of reduced or even interrupted breathing prior to the noisy panting.?
I do suggest taking the video along to his next vet check or booster.


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