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Overusing flea treatment?

I usually treat my dogs regularly (Seresto collars or Advantage or Advocate), however we are currently in the midst of a persistent flea infestation.
I have hoovered the house and sprayed with Indorex and will continue to do so as I know it takes a while to get rid of the horrors.
On 22nd July I treated the dogs with Advantage spot on and a Program tablet each (trying to cover all angles here). Have also been grooming them with a flea comb.
Initial improvement but the dogs have started scratching again and are really bothered by the pests, bless them.
I am due to treat the house again tomorrow (weekly house spray ATM) but should I treat the dogs again as well?
I don't want to overdose them :/
I've heard you can give capstar tablets for relief but not sure how recommended this is.
I have four months supply of Prinovox from the vets (they supply this instead of Advocate now and I understand it is the same).
Should I treat with it sooner rather than later or wait until the four weeks since the Advantage is up?


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Martina Stuart

Nothing to be gained by treating the dogs at less than the recommended intervals for each specific product unless they are swimming or being bathed regularly.
There are many previous postings relating to the persistence of flea. Infestations. All that anyone can do once there is an established infestation in a house is to keep treating all warm blooded furry animals in the house as long as there are furry animals in the house to treat!
That is not being pessimistic it is being realistic.
Good luck!



I had this issue years ago. Always used frontline,

Until it just didn't work. I believe the fleas built up a resistance to it over time and once I used a different flea treatment it cleared up really quickly. Since then I rotate my flea treatments the same way I rotate my horse wormers.

I know how awful they are and hope you get some relief.


Martina Stuart

Thanks equinox sounds like a sound plan


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