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This question is related to: Mollymoo the Dog

Breed:Shihtzu cross
Vaccination History:Full up to date
Fed On:Dry food and gluten free

Vetergesic given !!

My dog was given vetergesic at 1-30pm today she fretting panting not co herent whining scared
And making me so angry to watch her suffer !what can I do !!


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Martina Stuart

Sorry just found this! By now she should have settled. I do hope you reported the reaction to those who gave it. Remaining calm and ensuring the dog is comforted in a quiet environement should help the dog settle. If not then in very rare circumstances further medication may be needed



Thank you ! Sadly I took her to RVC early Monday morning and their she remains in a bad way she has meningitis! In the spine 😱I am devastated but hope although good in herself now the condition has not improved the body function ...... we are on a waiting game now too see if she improves ! Thank you for your response I was in a worrying state at the time and now relaxed knowing she is in great hands !

5 days ago

Martina Stuart

Thank you for the update and well done for getting her further attention. I do hope that she improves

5 days ago


So sorry to hear this and hoping and praying she pulls through.

I have a friend with a Clumber with suspected meningitis at this moment.

5 days ago

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