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Age:About 2
Weight:8.5 kg
Vaccination History:Not sure
Fed On:Wainwrights
Kept:House dog

Cuts on paws 2

I just wanted to give information on this dog, but the post was too long for one question.We rescued this Patterdale 4 months ago, (We didn't realise his breed and was assured by the Rescue Centre that we would be able to take him camping, we were naive and should have done our research) he couldn't eat without it passing through him like a dose of salts,in the house or out of it - defecating in the house started after about 3 weeks.At this time he started vomiting and urinating when we left him. He is totally reactive with other dogs on his lead, not when he is in a controlled environment off lead with other dogs.
I'm trying to keep him out of the vet as he is costing us a fortune, he's been to the vet 3 times since we've had him, seen two dog trainers one on one and classes, despite being told that he had full vaccinations he hadn't, so more cost. Two trainers have told us he will be very difficult to train and we should consider if he is the right do for us. Walks are a nightmare as we have to avoid other dogs.


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Martina Stuart

They are difficult to train and manage especially around any other dogs. And even harder to retrain.
It seems that it is time to consider if an ongoing relationship is sensible for you both and 4 the dog.



I'm really sorry to butt in and if I am out of line but I have similar problems with my dog and read this rather than ask the same question. He's reactive too and will lunge, bark, snap at passing dogs and people. He scrapped part of his paw off so I will use the salt water! But I felt so down and alone until some one recommended Reactive Dogs Uk on facebook. If you keep Eddie, consider this group as it will help and support you.


Martina Stuart

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