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Age:approx. 8 1/2
Weight:37 kgs
Vaccination History:Vaccinated
Fed On:Raw diet


Chicco here.
At the beginning of the year I noticed a redness to the white of the eye which developed into a strong bright blue line down the edge of the iris. Vet said inflammation of the cornea and prescribed Maxitrol for a week. It calmed down and I had it checked and all was fine but the redness never really went. Then last week the bright blue line appeared again and this time the eye went quite cloudy with it. Used saline which kept it at bay until I could get an appointment.
Three different vets now seen her and all three say inflammation of cornea (keratitis) and I've been told that it is incurable but manageable.
I did ask if I needed to see a specialist as prepared to go down to Optivet. They've said no need as there is no cure and diagnosis accurate.
What I didn't ask is whether this condition is progressive and likely to get worse and if so what consequences.
Quite happy to saline and pulse treat with Maxitrol (or other).
Have had the word Pannus thrown at me in questioning whether it could be that. (facebook friends). I've never heard of that and don't know whether it is a different condition or if it is possible this is what Lulu has.


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Martina Stuart

Difficult ( in fact impossible) to fine specific advice without examination. Why not continue maxitrol permanently whilst arranging referral to an ophthalmic specialist. It may help to see some photographs even though I doubt that doing so would change my advice.



Thanks Stuart.


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