Dogs » Puppy ate part of a condom


This question is related to: Marley the Dog

Age:16 weeks
Weight:3lbs 6oz
Vaccination History:5/10/18 first set puppy shots 6/16/18 second set of puppy shots
Fed On:Natures recipe puppy food
Kept:In my home crated at night

Puppy ate part of a condom

Marley is in a splint for three broken toes had the condom on his leg to stop it from getting wet when he goes out he got his cone off during the night and ate part of the condom he has went to the bathroom four times today has eaten good but threw up a little about an hour ago


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Martina Stuart

Oops sorry missed your post Sunday.
I hope that he has stopped being sick. If he has not then get him to vet today.
If he has treat him as normal.


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