Dogs » Scooting but not Anal Glands


This question is related to: Daisy the Dog

Age:2.5 years
Breed:jack russell
Vaccination History:Up to date on everything. Had anal glands removed, nervous and is quite sensitive
Fed On:Forthglades adult
Kept:At home

Scooting but not Anal Glands


Shes scooting everywhere, shes up to date on worming tablets and also nibbling on her legs, is this allergy related. She had a severe anal gland infection when she was 10 months old and had to have them removed so I know its not that.

Thank you


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Martina Stuart

There is some irritation in the area. Check it out vet carefully.
Sometimes it is possible in the process of removing anal glands for bits to be left. Any local patches of inflammation should be checked out.
Also check for fleas and keep her out of the undergrowth or anywhere where there are nettles.


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