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Age:10yrs 5mths
Vaccination History:Main ones in puppyhood
Fed On:Pets at Home dried food
Kept:Domestic pet at hom

Ear problems

Last year, Dexter developed a haematoma in his left ear flap due to his continual shaking of his ears. He had drainage surgery and everything has been fine. He continues to have problems with his ears, and with the help of cleaning them periodically, he's not had too many problems I the last 12 months. However, today I saw that they need cleaning, which I did, but I also noticed that the right ear flap seems to be a bit "puffy" and I wonder if there is anything I can do myself rather than put him through another surgical procedure. Thank in advance for your help.


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Martina Stuart

I thought I had answered your question yesterday. First clean the ear with a bland ear cleaner second stop his ear flapping about using a sock with the toe removed or a plastic bucket with the bottom removed and fastened securely to a secure collar like an Elizabethan collar. Third get him to a vet . Forth make sure that his parasite treatment is up to date and that W you trea all the furry ears in the house with a modern spoton that is effective against ear mites and at regular intervals.
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Ask your vet whether the dog is a good candidate for osurnia. Hearing lots of good things about.


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