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Newfoundland puppy

I am about to purchase a Newfoundland puppy and have just been informed by the breeder that the puppy has an undershot jaw. I understand that this may be a concern for those looking to show dogs, but as a pet, should I be concerned ?


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Martina Stuart

The undershot jaw is likely to be inherited and will rightly be detrimental to showing as an affected dog should not be used for breeding. It is unlikely to have much affect on the dog as a pet unless it is very marked. If the defect is caused by a severe shortening of the upper jaw then the breathing can be affected and there may not be sufficient room for the permanent teeth increasing the chances that early dental attention will be neccessary. As it is not possible to insure against pre-existing conditions any insurance taken out will not cover any problems associated with this deformity. It will therefore reduce the value of the dog.


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