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Pinkeye in sheep (again...)

It now seems that after every lambing my flock gets pinkeye. It usually begins in a couple of lambs then very rapidly spreads to all the other lambs and the ewes. I know the weather has been unusually hot and sunny recently which can precipitate an outbreak but why do you think I get this problem every year? I have got rid of the sheep who I thought might have been the cause last year....
Also - what are your views on the use of homoeopathic nosodes as a method of control?


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Martina Stuart

I regret to say that I do not think that homeopathic vaccination is any use at all. But I am willing to have my mind changed if you have the evidence. Some homeopathic remedies I do think can be useful and I do think that the holistic aproach is worthwhile.
Pink eye is caused by a bacterial infection and the bacteria is about anywhere where there are sheep. Culling ones that have been affected and cured is not helping and means that the ones with resistance are removed. There is usually some predisposing cause and I seem to remember lastr year you had a few lambs affected with entropion. Anything that causes an irritation to the eye makes it easier for the bugs to gain access. It is spread by flies and also by close contact so make sure there is plenty of trough space and be prepared to treat at the first suggestion of any problem with a long acting antibiotic eye ointment.
Sorry about the time of the morning. I am on my way to collect bits and bandages etc to take out to the safe haven for donkeys in the Holy Land. I leave on Sunday so replies will be even more haphazard. Please keep up the good work replying to others questions whilst I am away.



I want to resurrect this posting as I have yet another outbreak... I really don't know what to do for the best. Should I just let it run its course if possible - accepting that there may be the odd animal who needs treatment for ulceration of the cornea OR should I get the whole flock in and inject them with oxytet. If I choose the latter option is it still possible that I will have carrier animals? Is it ever possible to totally eliminate Mycoplasma Conjunctivae from the flock and does it need a live host to survive?
Sorry for all the questions but I simply don't seem able to find any definitive answers and I get the impression that most commercial flocks don't worry about pinkeye treatment....


Martina Stuart

Increase the trough space and treat those that show any signs at all.


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