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Sick duck

My call duck is 13 weeks old, about two weeks ago he started to moult, I've noticed that he has lost weight and when he comes out of the water he is absolutly drenched. I'm in a panic and I don't know where to find a vet that specializes in ducks/poultry in kent.

Please help!


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Martina Stuart

Warm him up in a blanket and hot wtaer bottle and keep him out of the water for a while.
Look for a vet who specialises in exotic animals, Those that specialise in ducks will be used to dealing with thousands not individuals. Go to find a vet advanced search.
Good luck. Instant help is available 24/7 though 1 call advice direct vet.



My duck was sick and it took a while for him to get his oil back in his feathers. I used a hairdryer gently and also a wheat bag under his box I kept him in to warm him up. My duck has molted too.


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