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Poorly Buff

I recently aquired six Buff Orpington Chickens; one cockeral and five hens. They were raised indoors but are now in an outside run with a sturdy house. Two hens recently got sick, one died and the other one is quite inactive, fluffed up feathers, off her food (so I don't think it is worms and they have also recently been wormed) and in a general miserable state. She is still a pullet so not much of a comb to check colour and the vent is clean with no diarrhoea. Any suggestions? Could it be the change in tempreture after being raised indoors and now outside? All the other birds are ok. Many thanks.


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Martina Stuart

Individual ailing birds are always a problem. Vets who specialise in poultry do tend to deal with thousands rather than individuals and often tend to rely on post mortems for diagnosis.
Even when dealing with small numbers the same principles apply. It is very difficult to make an accurate diagnosis in a sick hen so should she succumb to whatever ails her it is worht getting a post mortem done as soon after death as possible. Contact your local vet and if they do not deal with birds as them who in the area does.
Have you reported the problem to the suppliers of the birds? They may well be able to help.


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