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Danny boy

Unkucky duck?

I woder if anyone can offer any advice concerning one of my ducks? Rrecently found him struggling as has no control or strength on left leg and therefore cannot walk and falls onto back! Duck has no obvious leg injury & can still move it but no control. Have tried to feed it Marmite incase of vit.B12 defficiancy but no improvement. I fear botulism from pond although all other ducks are fine. What could be causing lack of control? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Martina Stuart

Botulism is the most likey cause. Botulism Type C spores exist in lake and pond bottoms and thrive when air temperatures rise and water and oxygen levels drop. A hot dry summer increases the probability of outbreaks. As water levels drop, the bacteria are exposed. The ducks will ingest the bacteria when they feed. They also contract botulism by feeding on invertebrate carcasses that harbor the toxin. The toxin also exists in the live maggots that feed on carcasses. By consuming these maggots, the toxin in turn, poisons the ducks.

The quick removal of carcasses greatly helps to prevent large outbreaks. Carcasses provide an environment in which the toxin continues to produce and in which maggots develop. Ducks suffering from botulism can be saved if properly cared for. The most helpful thing rehabilitators can do for ducks with botulism in its early stage is provide them with fresh water. Antitoxins are also available but are expensive. Regulating water levels and controlling insect populations also help in the prevention of large outbreaks.
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Danny boy

That's great, thank you.


lindie and rachael

not a ducky person sorry



Ii rescued a duck that had a swelling on its leg 4 weeks ago. I took him to the vet. He has had two lots of antibiotics wormer and B12 injections. He has gone from not walking at all to walking but he will fall over. I took him to the poultry vet again Friday with another duck I rescued on Tuesday.

The vet has taken swabs as my first duck now has foamy eye.
I am just using a saline solution to rinse his eyes tll I get the results back.


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