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lindie and rachael

half eaten sheep what did it?

i was with my grandad when we drove pasta field finding a half eaten sheep. it was fresh so probably formt he night before. its eyes had been eaten and the underside of the stomach and half of the head. we told the farm owner but we dont know what has done it any suggestions?


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lindie and rachael

does anybody know. the rest of the sheep may be in danger and we want to stop this from ahpening again and if we fnd out or see what it is then we will call in the rspca or an animal control centre to capture it in a humane way


Martina Stuart

the cuase of death could have been anything from natural causes through mineral deficiecy to acute infection or being savaged by a dog. The eyes will have been removed by the crows and the other injuries caused by badgers dogs or foxes.
Well done for telling the farmer you did the good thing


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