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Age:approximately 2 months
Weight:less than 4 lbs
Vaccination History:none
Fed On:condensed milk mixed half & half with water & human infant cereal fed via syringe -
Kept:kept inside during the day, at night in a insulated wooden box filled with hay until he nearly froze to death one night, now he stays inside ALL the time & we take him outside to let him have fresh air & let him learn to graze-

weak & not interested at all in eating- depressed acting goat-

my goat is very weak, can barely stand, has no interest in eating & doesn't run, "talk", jump & play anymore- he nearly froze to death 2 weeks ago, with heat, he finally came back around but just wasn't the same- shortly after, he became depressed acting & has no life in him, he is approx. 2 months old- we were feeding him a bottle with condensed milk mixed with half & half water & since the freezing incident, we have made him eat human infant newborn cereal via syringe- nothing seems to be helping, we keep him in the house a lot but also take him outside to graze & he has completely stopped even moving when we take him outside, he just stand there & wont move for hours- he used to roam & act so happy outside- PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!


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Martina Stuart

yikes multivitamins incliuding vitamin e (eg abidec though not sure on absorbtion ) so would go for injection b complex and vitenium and gruel (boiled oats) in moderation


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