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Sander van Marken

This question is related to: Corona's the Ouessant sheep

Age:8 heats
Kept:Enclosure, barn by night

Blindness after broken Horn

The sheep has à broken Horn. It is still bleeding, but taken off with antibiotic spray. THE sheep has turend blind though. Walking circels in THE barn, hitting THE walls. Is THE broken Horn cause of THE blindness or THE other way arround? Swelling of the brain?

Our vet doen not know and has given cortico steroids. Sorry for THE Dutch spelchecker ruening my bad english.



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Martina Stuart

depends to some degree on time scale. It is likely that if both occurred together then the trauma that broke the horn will have bruised the brain. If the horn b damage was there a while prior to the circling etc then the brain damage may be caused by infection. Corticosteroids should reduce the brain damage


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