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Age:13 weeks
Breed:Welsummer X Hy-line
Fed On:Growers pellets, corn and whatever they find outside.
Kept:Coop at night, free range 7:00am till dusk.

Chesty chicken!

He has been chesty and sneezing for a week or so now. It's not constant just every now and then. He is one of 4 chicks one of my broodys hatched.
Then yesterday one of my pullets has started with a runny nose. Apart from this, they and everyone else are bright, lively and eating very well.
The only change is a rooster introduced at the beginning of last month who is also apparently healthy and showing no signs of illness. I realise he could have brought it with him and now it's affecting the young ones.

My question is, should I be rushing off to the vets or is it something I can manage at home?


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Martina Stuart

i suspect that if it was f going to be serious for him he would be dead by now. However he may be a chronic source of infection to others. Antibiotics may reduce this risk but are not likely to cure it. Rely on good air hygiene and a low stress life.



Thanks, I took the young cockerel to the vets this morning as he is very thin where he was diagnosed with Mycoplasma. The vet gave me Tylan injections and told me if there is no improvement by Monday he should be euthanized.
I have a vitamin tonic in their water and the chicks are getting warm scrambled egg and mealworms as well as the pellets.

I soak their feeders in virkon and use disinfectant powder in the coops which are we'll ventilated.
He will get lots of tlc over the weekend and I will see how he goes.

Thanks again.


Martina Stuart

Hope it worked


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