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My pig is throwing up and drooling, but still has his appetite.

My 11 month old and 23 lbs potbelly pig, Osgood, started throwing up quite a bit after he ate this morning. He ate around 6:15 am, 1 cup of food, and around 7:20am he threw it all up. He still has his appetite. I bathed him to clean up the throw up in his hair and he was still pretty eager to get some treats.
While he sits with me I can hear his mouth and stomach gurgling and he swallows alot. I think he is throwing up some in his mouth but just swallowing it back down. He is drooling more than usual, at least I think. My concern could be cause for an over exagerated reaction... However I would rather list anything I suspect so I can get a better answer
I have not yet checked for fever, I will have to pick up a thermometer later... he doesn't feel too warm. He is more timid than usual. Instead of wanting to explore he would rather just stand in one spot or lay in my lap. I noticed when I walked out of the bathroom from bathing him, he stood there and wouldn't come when I called. I think that shows he isn't feeling good and didn't want to move. He stood there for a few minutes until I got a treat and he followed me.
Any ideas?


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Martina Stuart

get him checked out by a vet. Vomitting pigs before or after a trip to the bath room are rare. Various toxins fungal contamination of food and infectious diseases can cause it. Any chance he ate the soap?


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