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Fed On:Pasture
Kept:Pen with shelter at night, fenced pasture during the day.

Katahdin ewe gone blind

I have a Katahdin ewe who has gone (partially) blind in both eyes. It appears she can still see blurs and movement but she mostly uses sound for direction. She went blind for the first time in June and with a shot of the antibiotic Oxcytetracycline she got her sight back and has been fine up until a few days ago. This time I've tried Saline solution in her eyes and seems to be clearing it up, but I can't figure what is causing the blindness. Pink eye fit her symptoms perfectly but it isn't spreading to our other sheep so I doubt that is what it is. She still has an appetite and wants to be with the herd. She is perfectly healthy and normal except for her sight. Any ideas?


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Martina Stuart

strongly suggest get her seen by a vet as it sounds possible that a prolonged and targetted course of antibiotics may help. Spread of eye infections does tend to become more frequent when trough feeding is instigated.
any chance of some photos.


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