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Age:2 years

confused, banging into stall, eating

she had gotten stuck in snowbank. Ok until then. Does it take a while for her to recover from her trama?


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Martina Stuart

I have no personal experience of this exiact senario.
My instant reaction is to say yes it is going to take time. I suppose I base that on anthropomorphic pontifications with little relevant evidence.
On a more considered basis then the sheep has several advantages over the human that allow it to survive in such situations. It has wool and it has a rumen. Inevitably it is going to depend on how long it was stuck.
It is unlikely to have suffered irreversible brain damage so as it is eating be patient provide normal food maybe plus a little glycerol or glycol watch out for any indication of calcium or magnesium deficiency (100-200 ml CAPMD sub cut may help) and please let us know how things develop.
Good luck


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