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Age:3 mos
Weight:50 lbs
Vaccination History:none
Fed On:Unlimited pasture, grain, still some milk from ewe
Kept:In pasture with access to enclosed shed

Cud spilling in 3 month old lamb

This healthy looking, vigorous lamb began spilling cud a couple of days ago, with green goo dripping from it's mouth as it chews it's cud. Seems healthy and vigorous but the last time this happened we thought the same thing and found the lamb dead 10 days later even though it had never exhibited any symptoms that were concerning except for the cud spilling. We don't want to loose another lamb and hope you might over some ideas for averting its demise. Thanks!


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Martina Stuart

Interference with oesophageal groove function can be caused by local infection (usually resulting from damage by sharp ingested object) or nerve impairment resulting from heavy metal toxicity.
If any chance that thorns etc may have been ingested then antibiotics are inducated.
Also check out possibility of lead if copper toxicity. The
Also check vaccination program.
Consider taking affected lamb to vet and should it not survive then arrange for a post mortem examination.
Hope this helps. Please keep me informed


Martina Stuart

Oops may have elected for the complex rather than the simple! Story of my life!!
First step check teeth but beware she's cheek teeth are seriously sharp. You are checking for loose or impacred tooth crowns, damaged teeth or wounds to tongue and throat,
Necrotic smells will give you a clue and incentive to keep looking.


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