Horses » is it bugs/ are the two problems related ?? help


is it bugs/ are the two problems related ?? help

I have a 2yr old colt. Apprx 6 wks ago, whilst grooming him, I noticed that the vein running down his hind leg was standing out. Upon closer inspection, I could see hair loss at the top part of the leg on the vein. I then checked him all over and found on the other hind leg there was a little patch of hair missing, and a further one under his belly where he has a whorl. I then deloused him and all started to subside, hair started to grow back along the vein and the other leg cleared completely. a week ago I saw that it seemed to be returning so gave him a 2nd dose. Last night, whilst checking him over I noticed that what I assume is his pee hole seemed red and a little sore. Today the vein is standing right up all down his leg again and I feel back to square 1. Couldnt check his privates


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Martina Stuart

I am not clear about which vein you mean. His prepuce should not be sore and red so I suggest that you get your vet to look at that as soon as possible and at the same time raise your concerns over the vien problems.


lindie and rachael

you can normally only see veins in horses whn sweating and normally in sort haired horses im not sure


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