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Shetland Pony - stiffness in legs

Willy the Shetland Pony is about 20 years old and until recently has always been very sprightly. Recently however he seems to be walking much more slowly and carefully as if his legs are stiff. There is no evidence of any hoof problems / laminitis so what do you think - is it just old age creeping up on him or should I get him checked out? He seems fine in every other way.


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Martina Stuart

laminitis is always a risk and should always be treated in an emergency. In the early stages acute laminitis will present as a stiff pony as you describe. The foot changes follow later. Get him looked at first thing in the morning.


lindie and rachael

the stiffness sound slike arthritis is it at the joints??? i am not a vet but i am just suggesting this it sounds like the symptoms. is it in all legs or just 1 or 2 is it the front or back ?
has the horse traveled in the hore box anywhere?
cantered on hard grounds?
possible lameness?


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