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Sheding coat

I have a 8 mth old shetland pony who appears to be pulling her coat out. There is no broken skin or scabbing. Is it just her shedding her winter coat? Instead of her being outside all weathers not rugged she is now in a stable.


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Martina Stuart

Lucky you. She will be due to moult about now or shortly and the thick longer winter coat will be replaced by a shorter finer summer coat. In the wild she would be living out in all weathers on the wild islands where she would look for shelter from the wind. For this reason I am not in favour of rugging native ponies in the winter provided they have wind breaks to protect them. Rugging them indoors is unnecessary and is likely to cause more problems than it prevents. In the herd situation the ponies would now be mutual grooming using their teeth on each other to remove any matting in the coat. You can now use this to reinforce the your bonding with your pony by mimicking this action. I do not suggest you use your teeth but try a plastic curry comb or dandy brush. She will probably muzzle you whilst you are doing which is her normal reaction. Bear in mind that you will need to groom her at other times and this muzzling may be inconvenient so she is probably best haltered and tied to a ring so that she cannot bite you. Let her have a playful muzzle at you when you have finished. It is her way of saying thank you. You may need to groom her 3 or 4 times a week and if you can do it every day so much the better. Don?t forget to give your jacket a good shake before going indoors as you will be covered in hair. She will moult again in the autumn. Have Fun.


lindie and rachael

i have the same problem with my welsh x arab mare i could run my hand across her back and end up with chunks of hair. she had a rug on and lived out and it was still january however it has stopped now


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