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mites eating away at mares tail

something seems to be eating away at the underside of my mares tail. it's very itchy and there is yellow pus leaving it.


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Martina Stuart

I doubt that this is a mite problem. Is there any chance of a tail bandage a bit tight or left on for a while. Whatever the cause clean up with a dilute solution of hibiscrub or pevidine rinse and dry well. Repeat 2 x daily. If no improvement 48 hours get a vet to see her.
This is the time of year sweetitch starts so if she is rubbing anywhere else panic and ring your vet now. Alternatively I am on 1 Call Advice Direct Vet 24/7.



hi there i had a grey pony which suffered with sweetich i treated the itching with diluted benzyl benzoate which i sprayed on the main and tail twice a day this helps to stop the rubbing i gave him d itch in his feed this worked brill will find it hard to get hold of benzyl benzoate any more but if you go to boots the chemist and ask for ascabiol emulsion which is the same hopr this helps


lindie and rachael

i have never heard of this before sorry


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