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This question is related to: Sika the New forest pony

Age:8 years
Breed:New forest Pony
Vaccination History:upto date
Fed On:Hay / happy hoof

Lump on neck

Hi, today I have noticed a lump on my ponys neck, mid way along (kind of where the reins sit). The lump is about 2 inches long and half an inch wide and raised by about half a centermeter in depth, it's not overly hard and I cant see any sornedd on the skin. It does not bother her to have it touched at all and she is totally fine and normal in herself. There a few things that may or may not help you to have an idea what it may be...we are TOTALLY inundated with horse fly at the mo? We moved a new horse into field this week so all a bit stressed? also just started working her a lot more in last 8 days (45 min to an hour a day, not hard though)? Anyway, any ides very welcome. Thanks


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Martina Stuart

reaction to fly bite or reaction to an injection were my thoughts before io got to the bit in your question about the flies so horse flies it is me thinks. try whatever fly repellent you like and if you find one that works then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us all know. Switch is worth a try and if all else then it may be worth investigating some of the sheep fly strike phophylaxis products



Thank you for you advise, when we went to check on Sika the following morning the lump had totally gone, so I guess a reaction to a bite seems right!! anyway, yes like wise, if you or anyone else finds a fly replelant that works please do tell!!


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