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Question about Beauty

I bought a horse. She was due for vaccines in August, but was not around any other horses. It is december now, and where I live is very cold. I am planning on her 5 way, but wanted to know if I should give her the west nile virus now. Like I said, it is never warmer than 40 degrees here. Should I give her the west nile now? Also, should I worm her now that she is in a new place? Thanks


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Martina Stuart

hi fascinated to know where you are for the temperature to never rise above 40F which by my reckoning is about 4.5C. Is that right? I am also curious ti hear what you classify as a five way vaccination?
As i understand it both the horse and the human are sort of incidental secondary hosts of West Nile Virus and it may be that ascertaining what the local medical advice on the subject is. it does appear that the mosquito is increasingly able to withstand cooler climes and some species are able to overwinter by hibernation or resistant eggs!.I somehow doubt that even the most cunning mossie will have worked out how to reproduce at 5C but do ask the local medics and if they are adamant that mosquitoes do not exist at any time of year where you are then no need to vaccinate.
Am fascinated to explore this further so tanks for the question.


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