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weeing and drinking

My horse has been weeing and drinking a huge amount of water, his urine is clear and doesn't smell strong but is making his bed soaking wet, he drink 3 standard buckets of water overnight. He is 26 yrs old. He had laminitis 8 years ago, no signs since, he has developed a hyperactive thyroid gland (I have had this checked by my vet). He has been eating acorns. Over the past few weeks that he seemed very lethargic and scavenging for food.
I was advised by a back specialist to de-tox him with Dy-rectic (from Equine America). His legs swell and half his sheath when stabled overnight and go down after exercise.


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Martina Stuart

At this age it is quite likely that his adrenals and pituitary glands are not functioning normally. These may be worth checking out.
Remove the access to acorns of which there is a particularly abundant crop this year. The toxins priciples released from acorns can cause damage to the bowel and the kidneys.
the swelling of his sheath could be associated with his circulation or with a low blood protein level which could be linked to the acorns or poor liver function from some other cause.
In short it sounds time for a thorough geriatric check up which may involve blood tests to check out bowel liver and kidney function.
Thank you for reminding me of the acorn problem I have started preparing a short section on the risk of poisoning on the vet alet section and this is confirmation that I need to get on with it.
Please let us know how he goes on.



Thank you for your response, I have had my vet out and I have had some blood test done, I also have to take in a urine sample for the vet, this isn't going to be a problem. I will now have some sleepless nights worrying what will happen to my baby, I have owned him since 10 months old, so its going to be hard on me. I will let you know the results if thats ok. Thank you again.



hi there hope your little boy is ok only ypu havent posted anymore about him chin up girl no how you feel xxxxx


lindie and rachael

unuausal horses dont usaully drink as muchw ater in the night as they do in the day????


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