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This question is related to: Eddi the Horse

Vaccination History:Up to date
Fed On:Pellets, oats and hay
Kept:Winter stabled and summer out during the day

Could it be Stomach ulcers?

Got Eddi April 2012, he was out in field all day and stabled at night over the summer. From October he was kept stabled.
About November time he started trying to bite when girth was tightened so got saddle checked it was ok.
He is lazy and not going forward so had blood tested, again all ok.
The past month he has taken to lifting his hind legs when being brushed on his stomach area.
I really think he is trying to tell me he is sore, what to you think?


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Martina Stuart

suspect that it is more likely to be back/muscle/rib discomfort (or habit) so do get him checked out (or try a softer brush?)



You should get a physiotherapist to look at him to check his back and ribs, also could be a sign of colic. For stomach ulcers, horses and ponies usually start to burp on solid objects like doors and fences or even with out them if these symptons start then I suggest that you take him to the vet


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