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front left hock lameness

My horse went lame on his front right leg three weeks ago only in trot. I had the vet out and she said he had probably strained his ligament and to box rest him for two weeks with bute and then if he wasn't lame to reintroduce him to exercise and turnout. He wasn't lame so I turned him out in a small paddock and started riding him for 15 mins in walk. He is now lame again so I have put him on box rest and he seems to improve when he is stabled and go lame when he is out! Could this still be a sprain or do I need further investigation and it could be more serious? Thanks ps there has never been any heat or swelling but was positive to a passive flexion test.


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Martina Stuart

The possibilities are endless. I strongly suggest getting a second opinion now. The hock is on the hind leg.


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