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Swollen Front Cannon & Lame

So, last Sunday Star while out in the trailer managed to pulled his front shoe off and re stood on it further down his foot. Luckily we noticed before getting him out of the trailer. We managed to pull the shoe off which then the foot bled and then we iodined and poulticed the foot. The farrier came out the next day had a look and re shod (his feet were in quite poor condition when we got him and they easily crack without his shoes, his feet are a bit of a work in progress). The farrier said not to re poultice, (but i did for another day, just in case). We have been hi-bi scrubbing and iodining every day just in case, which he was fine until this morning (a week later) when he was lame, but there was no heat anywhere, tonight his cannon is swollen and there is some heat under his hock, above his frog. I sprayed it with cool water for about 15 minutes and hi-bi and iodined it again. Do i need to be ringing the vet to come out in the morning?


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Hiya am sure Stuart will be along to give you a better response than me. :)

Hope Star feels better soon, if I read your post correctly he pulled his front shoe off and stood on it with his hind and now has swelling oh his hind cannon between his hock and pastern and is lame on that leg? and he also has heat on the sole of his foot, near the bulb of the heel?

I'm guessing there is probably some sort of infection there and I would be calling my vet out to check it out and give me some antibiotics if necessary and a tetanus jab. But I'd definitely hose 2-3 times a day where the swelling is.

This may be of use to you if you want to try it. If I have a horse with bad feet then I remove any sugary food from their diet. This includes haylage, sugarbeet etc unless it's unmolassed. You should see an improvement in about 6 months to a year if you try it. I fed my barefoot on hi fibre cubes, unmolassed sugar beet and hay. Really makes a huge difference, if she got any sugary stuff you could see the effects on her feet in about 8 weeks.

Good luck and hope Star is on the mend really soon! :)


Martina Stuart

Oops sorry again folks. Been flying around the country like a loony. Suspect there will have been dome residual infection in the foot. Poulticing and spring tequired. Do hope the tetanus vaccination was up to date if any doubt then tet antitoxin is indicated even at this late stage


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