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Swollen and hot lower hind legs after spooked in very muddy field

i came to bring my horse in to find him dripping in sweat. unbeknown to me they had been clearing ditches outside our field and i can only assume that this spooked him. legs hosed down to clean and no injury seen. next morning, - yesterday, legs so hot and swollen and he was very lame and moving very wide in his hind legs. work commitments meant i had to just cold hose and sachet of bute. the bute has brought the heat right down and he doesn't seem lame in walk. inspecting the field, he had carved a trench along the fence line of at least a foot deep. it is very heavy clay. it seems to be most tender on nearside hind by coronet band. i am cold hosing both hind legs and sachet bute x 2 daily. i am dreading calling the vet as he is uninsured. i am leaving him to graze in a small paddock with his companion as when he is stabled he has a tendancy for his legs to swell anyway - magnetic boots seem to sort this out, but don't want to use them as they'd increase the heat. i always assume the worst! but which tendon do you think has been bruised/pulled


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Martina Stuart

Could be a bruise from a tread wound +/- infection or a strained tendon though these rarely happen in the hind legs in which suspensory strains are more common esp in heavy ground.
I do think that the sooner he is sen by s vet then the better his chance of recovery


Martina Stuart

Impossible to say without looking or feeling. Video may help if you post it and send me a link. My personal experience is that mud fever is rare in clay soil. Tendon strains are possible as are tread wounds and curbs.
How lame is he ?


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